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(독일 현장)

anodising line

Mfc.: AAF International B.V.Built:995

Total capacity:15.000 Amps.Voltage:18 Volts

Production capacity: 650 kg/h Max length of profiles:7200 mm

Oxide layer – thickness:5 – 25 microns

Silver colour Bronze colour Black colour

Process of anodising:

Degreassing bath 1:5 – 15 min.Spraying bath 2 .Pickling bath 5: 10 – 20 min.

Rinsing bath 6.Rinsing bath 7.Neutralisation: 5-15 min.Rinsing bath 9

Anodosing – thickness: 5 – 25 microns. Spraying .Rinsing

Demi rinsing.Sealing

Scope of supply

Bath in concrete tanks (not included)

Electrical control system in PLC

Operator panels

Profile feeding system

Hydraulic units

Lifting device

Div. Tanks

Transportation system

Tilting device

Power stations

Heat exchangers

Cooling water system

Filter system

Drying system

Acidic recycling device

Analyser – chem. Process system

Replenisher – chem. Process system



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